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Stopover in Midland

We didn’t quite make it to Abilene and decided to stop in Midland, TX. The time changes every day have been affecting our sleep and driving times slightly.

Jacob spent about a year and a half out here in the Midland area when he was working for a company selling fracking water back in 2014-15. He has been sending pictures to some of his old coworkers from there who he became good friends with.

Jacob said he ate here once with Joe and Francis
This used to be an Albertsons

Julian Hinds Pump Plant – Desert Center, CA

The Julian Hinds Pumping Plant is one of five major pumping plants along the Colorado River Aqueduct. It has the highest lift of all of the plants, 441 feet to an elevation of 1807 feet. The water then flows west by gravity to Lake Matthews, at a speed of 3 to 6 miles per hour. The Colorado River Aqueduct is one of the three major aqueducts that bring imported water to Southern California.


Left Inglewood, CA

Due to finishing up packing a U haul UBox we rented at the last minute, and needing to empty the water tank in the trailer, we left a little later than we wanted to. We drove a couple hours and stopped in Moreno Valley to eat an early dinner and sleep for a while as we only had about 12 hours in the past 72.

What wouldn’t fit in our PODS
Water tank drain completed
Katniss checking our her luxury accommodations