BlenderFarm Ep. 2

November 13, 2013

Today, I cleared off the metal shelving unit where I am putting the render nodes.


Took a while to get all the stuff off of the racks, there was a few years of junk on those shelves. Found some stuff from when I was at SCAD in 2008 for the Rising Star program. Made me remember how much I disliked 2D Design.

Once the shelves were cleared off, I disassembled the unit and started measuring the system cases to see how far apart the shelves would need to be. The tallest case was 16″ So that gave me room for all 4 shelves, as long as the last one was at the very top.

Once I reassembled the shelves I loaded the systems onto them in order to get them off the floor in the utility room.


BlenderFarm Ep. 1

November 12, 2013

Today I recieved a message from a family friend that a retirement community in Winter Park was ready to get rid of 9 computer systems as part of their upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, so naturally I said I would take them. Thus began the BlenderFarm saga.

I arrived at the facility at 3PM and proceeded to the front desk to meet my friend, who then lead me back to her office to get a cart. Then to the room with the treasure trove! The computer guy there had stacked 5 Dell Dimension systems, and 4 custom built systems, all ready to go. So I gratefully loaded them onto the cart and carried them out to my mom’s Suburban, which I had been lent for the day.

Here’s an image of the first systems I loaded into the trucksystems in car

So I went back in and got the last 3, loaded them up and headed for home!

When I got back home at around 5:30 that evening, I immediately unloaded all the systems into the utility room, I’m sure the dog was thrilled.