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Farewell Midland

Started out just after 8am Central this morning. Jacob was pointing out landmarks on the way.

349 is the main road from Rankin and Midkiff up to Midland
This is the exit they used to get off at to go back to man camp
349 looking South
Jacob said he got gas here once, on the way to the airport, when it was snowing and icy out. He said the truck he was driving slid while braking into the parking lot.

Stopover in Midland

We didn’t quite make it to Abilene and decided to stop in Midland, TX. The time changes every day have been affecting our sleep and driving times slightly.

Jacob spent about a year and a half out here in the Midland area when he was working for a company selling fracking water back in 2014-15. He has been sending pictures to some of his old coworkers from there who he became good friends with.

Jacob said he ate here once with Joe and Francis
This used to be an Albertsons

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Fallout Keyboard

Last night I decided to customize my Logitech G19s keyboard screen to look like either a PipBoy or RobCo terminal interface.
Downloaded LCDHost in order to customize the look.

See the PipBoy Layout here.

What follows is the progression of getting the screen to look and “feel” right.

RobCo Terminal

Download: PipBoy Layout
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