Fallout Keyboard

Last night I decided to customize my Logitech G19s keyboard screen to look like either a PipBoy or RobCo terminal interface.
Downloaded LCDHost in order to customize the look.

See the PipBoy Layout here.

What follows is the progression of getting the screen to look and “feel” right.

RobCo Terminal

Download: PipBoy Layout

Started out trying to get the background too look right, searched google images for “robco screen” and found this:robco

This image was too dark, and the lettering too small for the LCD, so I had to find a different one.

The one I went with is this one here:robco blank

This image too, was still too dark, the vignette was being culled by the screen, so I took it in to Photoshop and added some adjustment layers to brighten it up, and also add the RobCo text using “Fixedsys” font.

After that, I put it into LCDHost and started laying out all the information. Used Fixedsys font at 10pt for all the text, color is #7cffa3.

The final layout:


I’m using only the following plugins: Bar, Decor, Graph, Image, LgLcdMan, Monitoring, Now Playing, Text, and Weather.

Also using GPU-Z for GPU stats, and Core Temp for CPU stats.

PipBoy Layout

Download: RobCo Layout

For this layout, I searched for a PipBoy screen, and came across this project to build a PipBoy out of a PSP.


I liked the layout, so I downloaded the image, and used Photoshop to make a layout of the border, and text positioning; while using the previously seen robco background image.

pipboy 2

I decided that I wanted the background a bit darker, to somewhat match that of a pipboy screen, however the LCD doesnt handle light to dark transitions very well, so I couldn’t go too dark.  Settled on this:pipboy 7

And here is the final product… for now.



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