Save yourself first

I like how our government thinks that it can stop a sovereign nation from using its military how it chooses. We didn’t stop when some nations told us not to go to war in the Middle East again. I think we need to drop the foreign policy of “we must dissaprove of everything some other country does.” Everytime some other country wants to do something we don’t like, we run out mouths. Yet there’s still a crap ton of problems here at home. Stop sending money and food to other countries till you fix the hunger in America. Example: The aircraft safety briefing; apply your mask, before helping others.
You have to keep yourself alive if you want to help others.

Obama saying “that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine” is not going to stop anything. He should have just kept that to himself, there’re so many more important issues that he has yet to take responsibilty and care of.
Stop trying to destroy the job system by forcing an increase in minimum wage. Fix your failed healthcare reform, and “insurance marketplace.” Feed the thousands of hungry in America; for that case, I want to see him actually working in a soup kitchen, but not for media gain.

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