BlenderFarm Ep. 2

November 13, 2013

Today, I cleared off the metal shelving unit where I am putting the render nodes.


Took a while to get all the stuff off of the racks, there was a few years of junk on those shelves. Found some stuff from when I was at SCAD in 2008 for the Rising Star program. Made me remember how much I disliked 2D Design.

Once the shelves were cleared off, I disassembled the unit and started measuring the system cases to see how far apart the shelves would need to be. The tallest case was 16″ So that gave me room for all 4 shelves, as long as the last one was at the very top.

Once I reassembled the shelves I loaded the systems onto them in order to get them off the floor in the utility room.


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